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Internet Booking Engine


The client

The hotel group Sunstar Hotels was founded in the year 1969. Today this swiss enterprise counts more than ten hotels for families at nine locations and the Privilège Hotels in italy.

The background

The requirements for Sunstar Hotels consisted of a graphical and technical redevelopment of the websites based on a powerful Content Management System (CMS). Additionally the development and design of a modern and user friendly online booking system was needed.

Sunstar Startseite
Sunstar New IBM

The solution

Booking engine

ennit developed a booking engine for Sunstar Hotels that above all made booking easy and fast for travelling families and groups. The booking engine works in conjunction with the system by Micros on the technical basis of Micros Opera.

A noteworthy feature: When a guest is in the booking process, but there is no free room available in the specified period, primed alternative travel destinations are offered.

You can find the current online booking engine at


The remodelling of the websites was carried out in the style of the print design of Sunstar Hotels.

The internet presence covers all hotels of the group. The website are built on the basis of a powerful CMS that allows the client to edit the content self-dependently. This applies to both texts and images as well as creating and deleting new pages and menu items. Although the websites of the individual hotels are reached via different subdomains, the administration is still possible through this single CMS.

A special feature is the blog for the Sunstar Hotel Klosters. It is completely integrated into the CMS and can be accessed and edited similar to other pages content.

The visual presentation of the main pages too is characteristic: Depending on the current holiday season the selection of images and colors are in accordance to an estival or hibernal design. While the focal point during summertime is set on warm and luscious tones, the website is presented in a suave blue during wintertime. This regular change does not need to be made hand-hewn, but occurs automatically on set dates. This saves both cost and effort for the client.

You can find the current website at:

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