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Client Company

Service Point Kiel Canal e.V.


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The client

The Service Point Kiel-Canal association offers shipping company owners naval services, which are conducted during the ships' passage through the Kiel-Canal. The special kind of service is as comfortable as time-saving for the ship owners. The service network is supposed to increase the attractivity of the canal as well as the canal's location Schleswig-Holstein.

The background

As the basic element of activity of the Service Point Kiel-Canal a website was supposed to be developed. It was meant to show a presentation of the association's members and their services and to allow a direct way of contact for the users.

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The solution


ennit developed an extensive website for the Service Point Kiel-Canal association.

Besides redesigning the logo and definition of a final corporate identity, ennit realised the complete design of the new website. This included the design of icons and imagery as well as the design of the main image.

The service portal in the section "services" is the new website's key element. Here, the offered services are listed by categories. Via a selection of categories and sub-categories, the user receives a list of providers of the selected service. In addition, a live suggest search provides the option to search directly for services or providers. The search functionality also respects synonyms for service terms, leading the users to the correct result.

The providers can not only be found via the service search but are also listed separately in the section 'Service Providers'. Every association member has the option to present his company on a single page. Service requests can be sent by the users via the provider-specific contact form.

Content Management System (CMS)

All the website's contents can be administrated independently by the members of the Service Point Kiel-Canal association. The access to the single sections of the CMS as well as the website can be restricted for CMS users and website visitors via the user administration within the CMS.

The full website is set up in two languages. Translations can be created for each page singularly and in most cases independently from other pages.

You can find the new website at

Opening ceremony

On the 18th of March 2014 the website with service portal was launched in a festive ceremony. The prime minister of Schleswig-Holstein, Torsten Albig, pressed the start button in front of about 100 guests. The website was then officially presented.

Before and during the ceremony, ennit took care of the planning and organisation. In addition ennit designed advertising material as well as a presentation stand.