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The client

Shaza Hotels is a brand with luxury hotels in the Middle East and Northern Africa. The business was winner of the Word Travel Award 2013 in the category "World's Leading Emerging Luxury Hotel Brand 2013". In the upcoming years many new hotels will open. Shaza Hotels offer unique travel experiences due to a special style, which reflects the culture of the Occident.

The background

Over the years of successful cooperation, Shaza Hotels and ennit developed a close business relationship. In addition to the operation of the corporate and hotel websites, ennit was asked to develop another website in 2013. This new website was supposed to hold an online job search engine. Its content needed to be manageable by Shaza.

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The solution

On the basis of the Content Management System (CMS) SilverStripe, ennit built a new website with integrated job search engine. The client is able to enter and manage all job entries via the CMS. All the information of incoming applications are tracked in the system as well. The applications can be manged and answered directly and easily. The CMS offers the option of internal comments and status flags such as "opened", "answered", "refused", etc.

The function of publishing job entries offers a special feature. The client can choose between several options. For example, a job offer can be published only internally, meaning for Shaza Hotels employees only. These jobs can only be viewed via a password-secured login.

For each job entry, fixed dates can be set for the automatic publication. At the end of the closing date for applications, the offer is removed from the website automatically.

The option to assign a job entry to one or more categories allows the filtering of the job offers on the website. In addition, the job search engine offers a free text search field.

You can find the Shaza Hotels web search engine at careers.shazahotels.com.