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The client

Based in Weyarn near Munich, SEP AG was founded in 1980 as a systems house with in-house hardware development. Early on, the company established itself as a pioneer in the field of network-wide and cross-platform data availability systems. SEP’s software solutions provide secure data availability for both, multi-national companies and small businesses. By now, 40 employees in Weyarn near Munich, Berlin, Halle (Saale) and Boulder/Colorado work together with distributional partners located all over the world to support users in 50 different countries.   

The background

The company offers about 20 multi-day events annually, during which participants receive training in SEP software or can acquire SEP certificates. In the past, these courses were held in training centers, which had to rely on and keep up their own hardware environment. Taking care of said hardware and installing a software training environment took an unreasonable lot of effort, and it was often hard to predict which hard- and software would be used. The installment itself usually cost one extra day of work, and network problems, DHCP-configurations and incompatible operating systems were only three of a number of further disruptions. Frequent changes within the staff required a meticulous coordination and documentation of the virtual machines and filing paths, or else led to distributional problems.

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The solution: ennit Cloud Service

With ennit’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)-platform the whole training-environment can now be set up and maintained centrally. The distribution of virtual machines is no longer necessary and participants may use their own devices (usually laptops) for the training event. Furthermore, SEP gained independence from training centers, which are not always ideally located. Since hotels usually provide fast and stable internet access, they increasingly gain popularity as locations for such training events. The events’ organization benefits from general availability, lower costs and binding appointments without the need to have a forerun of several month for reservations. Short distances, catering, and affordable accommodation further enhance the participants’ learning experience. In the future, training events abroad will be added to the company’s course-portfolio via ennit’s IaaS-platform, in order to back up SEP AG’s focus shift to international operations.

The conclusion

Johann Krahfuß, Director Partner Sales at SEP AG: „The deployment of a virtual environment for every participant via ennit’s IaaS-platform saves us a lot of time and money. Every participant accesses their own backup-environment, simply by entering the remote-access data into their personal laptops. It’s ideal to become fully acquainted with SEP sesam. Furthermore, we are now able to meet another wish voiced by the participants: the emulation of storage hardware including tape-loaders for every course participant. ennit’s cloud solution is ideally suited for our growing enterprise.“

„The deployment of a virtual environment for every participant via ennit’s IaaS-platform saves us a lot of time and money."

Johann Krahfuß, Director Partner Sales SEP AG