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Webauftritte der Norddeutschen Gesellschaft für Diakonie

Client Company

Gruppe Norddeutsche Gesellschaft für Diakonie






The client

The group Norddeutsche Gesellschaft für Diakonie is an decentralised charitable service business with more than 80 subsidiaries in the northern german region.

Vocational training units, work with the elderly, addiction aid, workshops and homes for handicapped people, homes for young people and children, day-care centres and integrative businesses belong to the group.

The background

The websites for the subsidiaries of the group had to be overhauled and designed consistently. A handicapped accessible realisation of the website and easy to use of the navigation were key goals of the project.

NGD The main Website
NGD Karte

The solution

For many years ennit maintains the website www.ngd.de as well as the web presences of various subsidiaries of the group Norddeutsche Gesellschaft für Diakonie.

A multitude of websites have been realised in a consistent design. The layout allows the different subsidiaries various possibilities the placement of texts and pictures. The content can be edited freely by employees of the Diakonie via the ennit Dynamic Publishing System (DPS). Usability and accessability are key characteristics of the DPS.

The individual websites of the subsidiaries are connected with each other and the main website of the group in various ways. Some of the published content of the subsidiary sites is automatically published on the main site. This for instance applies to the news in the teasers. Also public dates of all the subsidiaries are gathered in a central calendar. Last but not least all subsidiaries are presented on the main page in a map of Schleswig-Holstein.