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Web Booking Engine with Mobile Version


Desktop and mobile IBE

Client Company

Danubius Hotels




Internet Booking Engine
Mobile Booking Engine


The client

The Danubius Hotels Group is a Hungarian hotel group, comprised of more than 45 hotels.
The bigger part of these hotels are located in Eastern Europe.

The background

"Desktop" Booker: To increase online sales rooms of all Danubius hotels should be bookable via one centralised Internet Booking Engine (IBE). For the realisation of this requirement ennit was entrusted to develop an IBE that is compatible with the hotel management software Opera of the american company Micros Systems, Inc.

Mobile Booker: Over the past years the use of smartphones and other mobile end devices has increased constantly and today it is almost a standard. To adjust the IBE to this trend and to provide comfortable booking via smartphones, the development of a mobile version was issued.


The solution

Development of an Internet Booking Engine

In detailed consultation with the client, ennit developed a comprehensive IBE. The layout was implemented in accordance to the specifications by a design agency.

The Danubius Web Booking Framework is based on a centralised reservation system of the american company Micros. Key characteristics are the extensive features, that have been implemented. These include profile handling, modification of existing reservations, selection of children's ages, room availability depending on number of guests and many elements more.

You can find the IBE at: book.danubiushotels.com

Expansion of a mobile version

Based on a design concept ennit at first composed a new layout for the mobile booking engine, that was set up afterwards in HTML and CSS.

The technical parts were adjusted to the necessities and functionalities of a mobile presentation. These adjustments were adopted in the desktop version of the IBE, without changing it's user interface. Thus both the web and the mobile booker are based on the same optimised and slim system.

The Mobile Booking Engine is consummately catered to the needs of it's users. The design responds to the size of the viewport of the end device, while the content is reasonably reduced and clearly arranged. All buttons are set off definitely and can be activated comfortably by touching.