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The client

The Ebert Erneuerbare Energien Unternehmensgruppe is a full-service corporation for renewable energies. Be it the designation of local areas of precedence for the exploitation of wind energy, the operation of wind, photovoltaic or biogas power plants or even the construction of entire wind, photovoltaic or biogas farms, the corporation offers competence and experience for every stage of a renewable energies - project. 

Up until now, the corporation’s employees were involved in the development of more than 100 wind power plants, 12 photovoltaic projects, and 6 biogas plants. Altogether, the installments generate an output of more than 110 MW. The corporation sets a strong emphasis on the construction of private wind farms and solar and biogas plants.

The background

The dynamic growth of the corporation and the trans-regional orientation necessitate a flexible IT solution, which is easy to use and allows an increasing number of employees secure access to the corporation’s databases - from anywhere and at any time. To reduce expenses for administrators, licenses, updates and hardware, as much as to allow employees to focus on their own projects, rather than the IT-infrastructure, the corporation favored a full service solution.

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The solution: Simply work with Cloud Desktop

Initially, 4 cloud-based workstations were set up. Via thin clients, employees can access Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Office and professional applications, such as a CRM system. Software, programs and applications run on Cloud Desktop servers in ennit’s own data center, which is under 24/7 supervision. By now, ennit’s Cloud Desktop hosts 21 workstations at 6 different locations for Ebert Erneuerbare Energien. Among these are 2 sites in Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania, as well as a number of home-office workstations.

Additionally, ennit provides telephony services, including an ip-based telephone system and computer-telephone integration, as well as a virtual private network (VPN).

The conclusion

Dr. Tim Ebert, executive director at Ebert Erneuerbare Energien: „Cloud Desktop grants us the reliability we need and the time to concentrate 100% on our actual projects. With centralizing our IT, we were not only able to lower our expenses, but also our team can work on shared projects much more effective. Regardless the location, whether someone works from home or is under way with only a smartphone at hand: Everyone can access anything at any time.“

„Cloud Desktop grants us the reliability we need and the time to concentrate 100% on our actual projects."

Dr. Tim Ebert, Ebert Erneuerbare Energien company group