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The client

Boscolo Hotels is part of the Boscolo Group S.p.A., an Italian hotel and tourism enterprise.

This corporate group was founded in Venice in 1978 and has expanded to an international corporation over the years.

The hotel group Boscolo Hotels counts 22 four and five star hotels in Italy and Eastern Europe. All hotels of the group show high quality in a traditional or modern italian ambiance.

The background

Especially the five star luxury hotels of the group address guests who value high standards and style. This should also be procured with the internet booking engine. Therefore a complete technical and visual redesign was in order.

An Internet Booking Engine (IBE) should provide guests with the possibility to book rooms in a Boscolo hotel online. User friendliness and intuitive accessibility of the booking system were of high priority.

Booker Step 1
Boscolo Booker Step2
Boscolo Booker Step3

The solution

ennit developed and maintains the IBE of the Boscolo hotels.

Internet Booking Engine

The IBE was implemented in strong collaboration with a design agency. Further attention was and is still turned to an optimal usability for the guests. The IBE is connected with the hotel administration software Opera from the american company Micros Systems, Inc.

Through the use of JavaScript functions additional information about rooms and prices can be enabled or disabled by the visitor of the site - so only desired data is displayed and the user interface keeps sorted and clear.

In addition to the booking of a room the booking engine features the reservation of addons, like wellness care or airport transfer.

Since the IBE was set up it was constantly upgraded and expanded. Among other things this meant the implementation of a new design as well as additional elements in the booking process.

You can find the IBE at:

ennit maintenance and support

To assure persistent and faultless operation ennit established a monitoring system of the technical processes. If data dissents from expected parameters or a service does not answer a request, warning messages are sent via email and SMS to the ennit employees. The reported incident is analysed immedialty and fixed, if needed.

To avoid data loss automatic backups of all content from the IBE are saved. These can be restored in the case of an emergency, while the client retains full functionality.

Cinque stelle si nasce

("Five stars are born")